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Cinnamon Shorties

Cinnamon Shorties

The intense flavor of this licorice will leave your taste buds craving more.
Sink your teeth into the heavenly taste of this licorice and you’ll understand why it’s so amazing.
Cinnamon Shorties

These perfectly sized, chewy twists twists are bursting with the authentic cinnamon taste you know and love. They are the perfect fiery treat to wake up your tastebuds, and have your hands reaching for more.

Each tube is filled with 1 pound.



Enriched Wheat Flour, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Modi ed Food Starch (Corn), Water, Glycerine, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Palm Oil, Salt, Citric Acid, Soy Mono- & Digylecirides, Potassium Sorbate , FD&C red No. 40. Contains: Soy, Wheat.
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