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Red Licorice Lover Gift Box

Red Licorice Lover Gift Box

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3 tubes 1 Lb each.
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Australian Red - Get ready for a crowd-pleaser with this one! These expertly crafted twists hailing all the way from Australia are packed with incredible strawberry flavor and have an equally amazing texture. The one and only downside: your tube may be empty in no time.

Dutch Red Laces - Imported from the Netherlands, these vibrant, smooth, chewy red licorice laces are the perfect cure for any sweet tooth. Every inch of this authentic Dutch treat is jam-packed with sensational strawberry flavor. Experience real European quality in each shoe-lace like piece. Kids and grown-ups alike fall in love with these delectable strands. This old-fashioned treat will never go out of style!

Strawberry Pillows - This licorice made in Finland is chewy, textured, sweet, and loaded with authentic strawberry flavor. Need we say more?

 Each tube is filled with 1 pound.  Check out our entire Red Licorice collection!

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