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Licorice Candy Canes

A Closer Look at Licorice Shapes

At, we offer all sorts of different licorice shapes. But, have you ever really thought about the different shapes of licorice? Which licorice shape is your favorite? What does that shape tell you about your personality? 

Once you've got your favorite licorice shape in mind, read on to see what it says about your personality!

Licorice Candy Canes


If Cylinders are your favorite shape (such as our Licorice Candy Canes or Finnish Duo) – you're a no-nonsense type. You like things to be practical and valuable. The cylinder-shaped licorice is a straightforward, glossy, smooth bite. What you see is what you get (with you and with the licorice). 

Licorice laces


If Laces are your favorite shape (such as our Dutch Rainbow Laces or Dutch Pink Lemonade Laces) – you're athletic and action-oriented. You are easily bored, and you're always looking for a new challenge, such as untangling licorice laces, and you often try several new things at once. You're a risk-taker.


If dog-shaped licorice is your favorite (such as our Strawberry Pups or Black Scotties) – then you're young at heart. You have an active imagination, and creativity makes you a fun conversationalist. You're the life of the party, but sometimes you still enjoy a cup of tea alongside your dog-shaped licorice.


If drops are your favorite licorice shape (such as our Druppels of Holland or Dutchies) – then you're conservative and make good, well-informed choices. You enjoy a softer licorice chew of the drop as opposed to the firmer texture of other shapes. Those around you widely value your wisdom. You appreciate moderation in all things.

Pretzel-shaped licorice candy


If the pretzel is your favorite licorice shape (such as our Raspberry Ptrezelice or Black Pretzelice) — then you're fun and quirky. You enjoy the soft, jelly texture of the licorice pretzel combined with the crunch of the salt and sugar topping. Others describe you as lively and energetic. 

Tire Tread

If the tire tread shape is your favorite (such as Strawberry Pillows or Finnish Black Ripples) – then you love life and want to enjoy every moment to the fullest. You appreciate the unique shape and texture of tire tread licorice. Life's too short not to make the most of every opportunity you have. Seize the day!

Star-shaped black licorice


If a star is your favorite shape (such as our Salted Stars) — then you're connected with the universe. You appreciate art and all forms of creativity. Plus, you love candy that comes in cute, fun shapes!


If a twist is your favorite type of licorice (such as our Australian Red or Cinnamon Shorties) – then you have an analytical mind. You love puzzles, mysteries, and difficulties that will test your logical thinking skills. You appreciate the classics, like twisted licorice. You're pretty decisive.


If a cube is your favorite type of licorice (such as our Licorice Cubes) — then you see all sides of any situation. You appreciate a work-life balance, and you stay organized and on top of chaos. 


If rounds are your favorite shape (such as our Half-n-Half or Salted Dutch $$) — then you're always putting others first. Your kindness, generosity, and hospitality are evident to anyone, even those who've only known you a short while. You put others first, and you like to savor your licorice rounds. 


If cats are your favorite licorice shape (such as The Kat's Meow) — then you look forward to time alone. Sure, you love your friends and family, but you recharge during quiet solo moments. 


If a diamond is your favorite shape, you're good at seeing the big picture, and you have a vision for the future. You're a born leader.


If wheels are your favorite shape (such as or Strawberry Spirali or Rainbow Spirali) – then you must have symmetry and order. You have a natural eye for detail. You believe there is a place for everything and everything in its place.


If bears are your favorite shape (such as our Sugar Free Bear Hugs) — then you have a sweet spot for all things cute and cuddly. You also love the soft and chewy texture of fresh licorice. 

Farm Shapes

If you love the great outdoors and wide-open spaces, then you should probably grab a tube of our Farm Salted Assorted, which captures life on the farm in fun licorice pictures. 

All Shapes

Do you like ALL licorice shapes? Then you're the person that gets along with everyone, and you should grab one of our mixes (a Mini Mix or a Mega Mix) to get a taste of every shape out there. 

No matter what your favorite licorice shape is, has you covered. 

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