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Gourmet Bundles: The Shorties Collection

Gourmet Bundles: The Shorties Collection

Licorice represents not just a distinct flavor we all know and love, but also a gateway into endless possibilities with texture, shape, size, and of course, tastes! Our various Shorties are designed to see what delicious flavors we can join with our delicious licorice, and with so many flavors to choose from, it’s difficult to decide where to start! In this iteration of Gourmet Bundles, we will discuss the flavor profiles in the Shorties Collection.

Green Apple Shorties- Crisp, refreshing, and so addicting. Our delightful Green Apple Shorties are designed to bring orchard fresh flavor into your everyday life. Crafted with real fruit juice, each burst of flavor will have you questioning if this is really just licorice that you are enjoying! 

Watermelon Shorties- At first glance, you may think these are our iconic red licorice, but after that wonderful burst of cool, juicy watermelon flavor, you’ll understand this is something special. Bring the taste of summer into everything you do with our Watermelon Shorties. 

Blue Raspberry Shorties- Bold in appearance and even bolder in flavor! This stunning snack is here to remind you to keep things casual with a bright, sweet, and fun treat.  

The Shorties Collection comes in one-pound tubes per flavor. The collection and each individual flavor are available on our website. At, we provide gourmet licorice from around the world right to your front door. With over 50 premium flavors to choose from and 3 day delivery, we are here to satisfy your personal or gift giving licorice needs. Come take a look at all our flavors and find the right one for you today!

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