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School Graduation

Licorice: The Perfect Graduation Gifts For Her & Him!

Graduation season is almost here again. If you're thinking about ways to celebrate your graduate, consider a licorice gift for him or her. 

Hear us out. Whether they're graduating from high school or college, your grad is taking another step into the adult world. Chances are your grad already feels the pressure of those demands. 

While cash is high on the grad gift list and is always appreciated, why not congratulate them for the hard work they've done and give graduation gifts for her that are just pure fun? 

The past few years have been a regular roller coaster — and your senior pulled it off anyway. You want to make this moment memorable, but graduation gifts for him seem to fall short. 

He's got years ahead of him to make coffee or wear a tie. Headphones and portable speakers go out of date. Take a look at our graduation gift ideas and choose to give your high school graduate — or college grad — a peaceful moment of pleasure and a respite from the pressures of adulthood.

College and high school graduation gifts, like gifts for any other occasion, should be tailored to your grad's personality. A Licorice gift is no different!

Is Your Grad an Animal Lover?

One of the most complex parts of graduation is the considerable change that usually comes with it. Moving into your first dorm room or apartment is hard - as much as your graduate might not admit it. This can be even more difficult if they're also leaving a beloved pet. 

Whether the senior in your life will miss their pup or just dream of the day when they'll have a place that allows pets, our Licorice Unleashed gift set is sure to brighten their day. This set includes 1 pound each of our delectable strawberry-flavored Red Scotties and Red Pups and our salty, sweet Black Pups full of authentic licorice flavor.

If the grads in your life love cats as much as they love black licorice, send them a tube of our Kat's Meow licorice! These kittens have a smooth texture that pairs purrfectly with the bold taste of Dutch licorice.

For Graduates with Irrepressible Pizazz

The day has come! Your student can finally walk across the graduation stage with that well-deserved diploma. Show the high school students in your life that you embrace their fierce independence as much as their fun-loving side with a gift that's as colorful as their personality. Our Rainbow Mini Gift Box will bring miles of smiles or wish them all the luck in the world with their very own Pot of Gold.

Maybe your senior is the kind who always chose red licorice as their movie theater snack. Send our Red Licorice Lover combo and imagine the fun they'll have sharing it with their friends during a movie night - or maybe savoring it on their own while re-watching an old favorite on Netflix at home.

A Senior with a Sense of Humor

Our seniors have worked hard. There's nothing like a licorice gift to remind them that as important as hard work is, taking time for life's small pleasures is important too. Leaving home for college or starting a new job post-graduation can be both exciting and stressful. 

Remind your grad how much you treasure their weird and wonderful sense of humor with our Fan Favorites gift combo. This combo includes 1 pound each of Mini Mix - a colorful treat with a traditional licorice flavor, Raspberry Pretzelice, and Australian Mix with its mango, strawberry, and green apple flavors; you can't go wrong!

Or maybe just slip a tube of Dutch Rainbow Laces into their bag. The vibrant colors and delicious fruit flavors will help chase the homesickness away and leave them ready to meet new people and make new friends.

Gifts for the Adventurous Graduate

There they go, walking across the stage to accept their degree. Maybe sweetness isn't what your senior loves. Perhaps they crave the mouth-puckering jolt of sour candy. Choose our Sour Stack combo. These fruity sweet and sour treats filled with delectable sweet cream are always a winner.

Our Sour Mini Gift Box has both fruity sour licorice and a couple of black licorice treats as well.  Divine. For those who prefer their tartness tempered with a bit more sweetness, a tube of Dutch Pink Lemonade Laces will, well, tickle them pink.

Licorice Gift Set
Don't forget - if you're planning to give favors at the graduation party you're hosting; you can customize our tubes to suit the personality of your graduate. Your guests will take notice!
More than anything, though, graduation is a time for celebrating your senior's accomplishments. They've worked hard to make it through to this next chapter of their lives. Whichever gift you choose for them, the best gift is always given with thoughtfulness and love. Congratulations seniors!

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