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Longest Licorice Rope In The World

Longest Licorice Rope In The World

Licorice isn’t just a delicious, chewy, candy to snack on in movie theaters or at home. It can be medicinal for the mind and body. Licorice candy can also be used in everyday household items. It’s a wonder plant. Did you know that licorice is also a world record holder?

The Record: World’s longest string of licorice

The longest string of licorice candy was completed in 2012 by a candy maker in Sweden named Lakritsfabriken. Lakritsfabriken collaborated with Scandi Candy to make a rope of licorice that measured over 1,000 feet. 1,702 feet and 9 inches to be exact. That’s almost the length of 5 professional football fields.

The Record: World’s largest licorice allsort

Another world record holder for licorice wasn’t in length but in size. A New Zealand sweets brand names RJ’s Licorice celebrated its birthday by creating the largest licorice allsort (stripy) candy in the world. The striped candy weighed a whopping 2437.2 pounds. That’s around how much a full-grown rhino can weigh.

That just shows how versatile licorice is. From the colors to the shapes and everything in between. This sweet treat can find its way into any setting and be a success. What world records should licorice candy try to beat next? Want to get your hands on some more manageable (but just as delicious) licorice? Head to our store and browse the tastiest licorice you can get. Maybe that’s our record.

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