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What’s Your Favorite Movie Based On Your Favorite Licorice

What’s Your Favorite Movie Based On Your Favorite Licorice

Everyone knows that licorice is made for movies. From the colorful red shorties to the delightfully chewy and sour treats, these flavorful candies are the perfect accompaniment for any cinema experience. So what movies should you watch with your favorite licorice candy?

Australian Red

This red licorice is a fan favorite. A classic that everyone can sit down and enjoy. This kind of candy is a crowd pleaser and will never let you down no matter how many times you eat it. If this is your kind of candy then you enjoy the classics. We guess that your favorite movie is: The Sandlot.

Finnish Black

This licorice flavor is unique to the masses but authentic and the perfect choice for licorice fanatics. This is the entry to the deeper, more nuanced flavors of the licorice candy world. With genuine black licorice flavors and subtly sweet flavors, this licorice will be an experience in it of itself. If this is your favorite Licorice then you would enjoy: Blade Runner.

Red Raspberry Shorties

This Red Licorice is sweet and the perfect treat for the sweet tooth. The flavors are easy to enjoy and won’t ever disappoint. Maybe you’re not ready to dive into all the unique licorice flavors that are available. Maybe you just want something sweet and chewy to enjoy. If this is your go-to candy then your go-to movie is: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Druppels Of Holland

The average candy fan may not have heard of this unique black licorice. Made in Holland, these dutchies are a niche part of the licorice world. A rare find that only the biggest licorice candy enthusiasts might know about. If this is your top pick then this movie is for you: The 400 blows.

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