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Valentine’s Day Licorice (Part One)

Valentine’s Day Licorice (Part One)

Licorice is a sweet treat we all know and love, while not as traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day in the same way as chocolates or flowers, licorice serves as a unique and distinct sweet treat to show your love. With its distinct flavor and chewy texture, it can be a great addition to your celebration! In this first part, we will begin examining licorice and how you can make a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your partner.

What makes licorice so awesome and versatile is its distinct and flexible shape. With it being so pliable, you can use licorice to form different words, symbols, and messages! Take this up a notch and utilize different colors and flavors to stretch your creative muscles and create a more exciting look. 

These special designs don’t need to just stand on their own. You can utilize them as a decorative element with other treats or as a garnish for drinks or desserts for a playful and edible touch! 

We hope you found this first part of this guide on Valentine’s Day gift and licorice to be interesting and hope you consider these with your partner for the celebration! At, we provide gourmet licorice from around the world right to your front door. With over 50 premium flavors to choose from and 3 day delivery, we are here to satisfy your personal or gift giving licorice needs. Come take a look at all our flavors and find the right one for you today!

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