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Why Licorice Gifts are the Best Food Gifts

Why Licorice Gifts are the Best Food Gifts

Giving gifts helps you demonstrate your appreciation for the people in your life. Taking the time to find the right gift can be a lot of fun, but it can be challenging if you don't know the person well or if they seem to have everything they need or want.

This is where presents of food ride into the rescue. But with so many choices available when you're selecting gourmet foods for the special people in your life, why choose a licorice gift set? We're biased, of course, but there's a lot of important considerations that will help you come around to our point of view.

Licorice Doesn't Melt

Sending some foods during the summer can be disastrous. Hot days can spell disaster for foods that melt like chocolate. Chocolate starts to melt around 84-90 degrees Fahrenheit (28.8-32 degrees Celcius). Even just being delivered to a sunny doorstep on an otherwise cool day can still cause those carefully selected treats to arrive in a sorry state.

Indeed, many companies won't ship chocolate gifts during the hot summer months, which can be frustrating if you want to send a gift to a family member with a summer birthday.

Licorice requires extreme heat to melt - like a double boiler on the stove or the microwave. When you order a licorice gift basket for your aunt with a summer birthday, you can be confident that when it goes out for delivery, it will arrive in just the same state as it was when it left the shop.

For the sweet pucker like lemonade on those hot days, choose our Sour Gift Box that contains one pound (about 0.45 kg) of sweet and tart fruity licorice goodness (our Italian Sweet n' Sour Petites, Dutch Rainbow Sours, and Sarah's Favorite.

Or, if you truly want to send the taste of summertime, create a custom gift and include Dutch Pink Lemonade Laces. Your gift will be received with sunshine and smiles, no melty sadness here!

Licorice Stays Fresh Longer!

Fruit is another popular selection when it comes to shipping a little something sweet to family or friends. It's healthy - high in fiber with no added sugars. Most of the time, it arrives at its destination just fine. But arriving in pristine condition comes with an environmental cost: refrigerated trucks and a lot of extra packing material to make sure any bumps along the way don't damage the item inside.

But even when it arrives in great condition, fruit needs to be eaten quickly, as do most other foods that require refrigeration or cold packs for shipping, like cheesecakes and other desserts. This is also true for baked goods that don't require refrigeration. Cookies and similar items go stale after they're opened and how sad would that be?

Licorice is a gift that can be savored over time and doesn't have to be snapped up within a few days (though, for the sake of transparency, it's definitely possible). When someone receives licorice treats, they're able to savor each bite, and you don't have any of the worries that come with sending fresh fruit or a refrigerated product. And while if left in an open-air container, licorice firms up, it can be softened again with a few seconds in the microwave (like less than 10). You can't say that for stale cookie crumbs or popcorn.

If you want to send succulent fruity flavor, we recommend sending our licorice Shorties Gift Box! It includes some of our favorite fruit-flavored licorice twists: Watermelon Shorties, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry Shorties too!

Great Value

For those who regularly shop online for gift baskets, you're fully aware of the exorbitant price some websites charge per order. We've seen a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries go for $60, not including shipping and handling fees.

When you send a licorice gift set, you're sending three pounds (1.36 kg) of licorice! This will not be gone in one night! Try our Fan Favorites Gift Box that includes a delicious variety of licorice, including our Mini Mix of licorice allsorts, Australian Mix of fruity-flavored short twists, and the always fun Raspberry Pretzelice.

Like most sites, your selection determines the price, but you can choose just one 1-pound tube at $15 or one of our pre-selected licorice gifts for $49. Custom gifts come in three sizes with 3, 6, or 12 one-pound tubes of licorice. This range of price points allows you to send the gift that best fits your giftee's preferences and your budget.

Also, we've already imported our Dutch, Finish, and Australian licorice from their countries of origin! If your special someone is a licorice lover who's been pining for traditional licorice flavor, search no more. We've got three black licorice gift sets that are sure to tempt their taste buds no matter how hardcore their tastes are!

For the casual black licorice fan, try our Black Licorice Lover Gift Box. Lovers of robust licorice flavor will love our Hardcore Licorice Lover Gift Box. Lastly, if your friend or significant other has been lamenting the lack of salty licorice here in the States, purchase our Salted Gift Box for them and save the day.

No Risk of Breakage

When you purchase a licorice gift, there are no broken bottles to worry about - no matter what types of licorice your friends prefer. You won't have the anxiety and stress of wondering whether your gift will arrive intact or not. The same can't be said for wine, pickles, mustard, or other similar foods.

Of course, with enough packaging material, most of these things survive the shipping just fine, but this results in extra trash that your special someone has to deal with. Avoid the hassle and choose a licorice gift! Our variety of gift sets truly has something to suit almost every taste and personality! Orders are shipped via FedEx Air inside the United States and arrive in 3 days. We're happy to ship to P.O. Box or APO/FPO addresses as well, though we have to use USPS for these orders. See our FAQ for more details.


Sending a licorice gift doesn't just send a treasure trove of sweet treats. It sends a reminder of past events associated with licorice. Smells and tastes from our youth bring back a sense of nostalgia for those days of sharing treats with friends or maybe a father or aunt who passed on their love of licorice. That's why we think licorice makes the best food gift. We think the people who receive your thoughtful gift will definitely agree.

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