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Our gourmet gift box with a trio of licorice flavors

A Holiday Gift Guide for Licorice Lovers

Gift box with licorice trio

Believe it or not, the holidays are here! But with that often comes a very long list of important people (and the licorice lovers) in your life that you need to buy gifts for. Have no fear, because, at, we have gifts for everyone on your list.

For your convenience, we've put together a list of people you may need to buy for, and the perfect licorice treats for the licorice lovers in your life.


If you have kids in grade school or college (or if you're in school), the teachers or professors in your life work so hard and what they do is so important. Show them some love with a Pot of Gold Gift Box. This colorful licorice box includes Dutch Rainbow Laces, Rainbow Rolls (with a marshmallow center), and Sweet Blossoms that are a mix of strawberry, apple, lemon, blue raspberry, and cola flavors. These are unique, tasty, and sure to brighten a teacher's day!


If you or your kids visit the library often, librarians deserve something sweet... and salty. What gift could go better with reading books and keeping the library running? We think the Salted Gift Box is the best option because it's got Salted Stars (a salty and sweet combo), Salties (a mix of salt and spice), and the Farm Salted Assortment (salt with classic black licorice root) for a unique mix of holiday treats.

Mail carrier

Mail carriers have really worked hard these last few years, and the holiday season is no different given the number of packages they're delivering for the big day. Gift them a sweet surprise with our Finnish Delight Gift Box. This gift set includes Finnish red licorice, Finnish black licorice, and Finnish black ripples — all bites that serve up the rich, classic flavor of licorice!


How many times have you visited your local coffee shop for a much-needed latte this year? Or, maybe you're more of an after-work cocktail person and your bartender deserves a holiday treat. Now's the time to show some extra care to those who provide service to get you through the year. We recommend our Fan Favorites Gift Box, which includes Mini Mix (a traditional English favorite), Australian Mix (mango, green apple, and strawberry twists), and Raspberry Pretzelice (pretzel-shaped chews dusted in sugar). Delicious!

Doorman or Security Guard

If you live or work in a building, the chances are likely you see a doorman or a security guard on a regular basis. They probably aren't on the top of everyone's holiday gift list, but they protect us, and well, they deserve licorice treats! Go for the Spirelli Gift Box, which has strawberry, black, and rainbow Spirelli (which are fruity) — these are fun to eat and taste yummy!

Leasing Office Employees

If you live in an apartment complex or a gated community, you may have a relationship with your leasing office or home-related employees that deserves a gift box of licorice candy. We recommend going for the Australian Red Gift Box, which features a crowd-pleasing mix of licorice. This licorice gift set is perfect for anyone in your life that enjoys the classics: Australian red licorice, Australian black licorice, and an Australian Mix. The Australian mix includes strawberry, mango, and green apple flavors. Yum!

Hairstylist or Barber

A hairstylist or barber keeps you looking fresh all year long and it would be extra sweet for you to treat them with some licorice! We recommend gifting them the Holiday Gift Box, which features the Australian duo (black and red licorice) for classic flavor, along with the red and white Aussies and Licorice Candy Canes — both of which are strawberry and cream flavors.


Even though our coworkers see us (even via Zoom) and talk to us every day, they are often overlooked when it comes to the important people in our life. We recommend surprising them with licorice this year! Go for the Shorties Gift Box, which features classic short twists with fresh flavors of green apple, watermelon, and blue raspberry. It's the perfect snack to help them get through the busy holiday work hours.


If you've got great neighbors, you know how much easier they can make your life when you need it. Maybe they grab your mail when you're out of town, keep an eye on your house if something looks amiss, or perhaps they just give you a kind "Good Morning!" as you're leaving for work. Treat them with some licorice this holiday season! We love the Licorice Unleashed Box, which has Red Scotties (fresh strawberry flavor), Black Pups (the perfect sweet and salty combo), and Strawberry Pups (Dutch-style licorice).

Trio of licorice flavors


Did you know your can build your own licorice gift box? Yes! Select from our collection of 50+ licorice varieties to create your custom box of 3, 6, or 12 flavors! It's the perfect way to make a custom gift for anyone in your family this holiday season. Start by selecting the number of flavors you want to include in your box, then choose the flavors, and add a gift note. You can even schedule a delivery date in the future if you wish!


We make it really easy to let the licorice lovers in your life choose exactly what their hearts desire! Order now, and choose the date that you want us to send your gift card, along with a personal note. Your recipient will get their gift card by email with easy-to-use instructions for how to redeem it!

There you have it — a licorice gift for everyone on your shopping list. And hey, maybe pick up some licorice for yourself while you're at it. Happy holidays!

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